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 Miele washing machines 700-series
Carbon brushes


The carbon brushes of the Miele 700-series last 10 years at least under normal circumstances.
Therefore you shouldn't be surprised that they are not very accessible.
Because, after a revision of the main PCB, a machine of the 700-series, lasts much longer than originally designed for, in most cases you have to replace the carbons, although the length seems sufficient. With a length inferior than 12 mm ( inch), in many cases, the spring pressure on the carbons is insufficient to provide sufficient contact with the collector of the motor.

On this page, you find an explanation of the appearance of the carbons and where to find them. At the bottom of the page you find a link that will enable you to order a set of carbons suitable for your 700-series machine. If the link doesn't work, for instance because you don't use MS Outlook (Express), you can send an e-mail with your request to the given adress.


Size27 x 5 x 15 mm


Miele T.nr.
Price per set 23,50 (incl. shipping within Europe)

Imitation Miele, fits in:

W702 W703 W704 W705 W709 W710 W716 W717 W719
W720 W723 W724 W726 W729 W730 W731 W732 W733
W735 W736 W785 W786 W787 W788 W789 W791 W792
W793 W794 WT745 W746

Where are the carbon brushes located?

The carbon brushes are located at the backside of the main motor.
The are accessible from the bottom of the machine (tilt machine sideward) or by dismounting the motor (see pictures). Replacing the brushes in a Miele washing machine, never is an easy job, but remind that there is no brand that wears down its brushes that slowly (mean life span of about 15 years!).

How to order?

prices and account info will be given via link in e-mail body