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Although it is with pain in our hearts: Since the UK officially left the EU, trade conditions between the UK and EU-countries have changed dramatically.

As a consequence YouFixit had to suspend its services for UK customers per January 1st, 2021.

YouFixit is too small a company to comply with the elaborate administrative requirements needed for trading and shipping between the UK and the Netherlands.

Moreover, even our shipping agent has temporarily suspended offering shipments to the UK (see below).


Note from our Shipping agent:


Shipments to UK - Temporarily Suspended

Due to Brexit, additional customs information must be sent with a shipment. The information about which data these are and how they should be provided to the carrier differs per carrier.

At the moment we see a lot of problems with shipments to the UK where many packages are returned or delayed at customs.

To avoid a bad delivery experience, we have decided not to allow shipments to UK through our platform until further notice.

As soon as we have been able to perform several successful tests with our various partner carriers, we will make this option available again.

Prices (valid from January 1st, 2021)

Prices of services include 21% VAT and a 1 year warrantee unless otherwise stated.

Precondition for the application of the following fixed repair prices is that the electronics are in original condition.
Repairs performed by anyone other than YouFixit to the electronics result in an additional charge of 25,00 minimum.

Under circumstances we may refuse these kinds of repairs.


Prices of parts include a warranty of 3 months, unless the defect is caused by incompetency on the part of the customer.

Service/PartPricePorto EU**
Repair* EDPL1000  82,00 
Repair* EDPL200  82,00 
Repair* EDPL100, EDPL102, EDPL106, EDPL122, EDPL126, EDPL162, EDPL166 (-A, -B)  82,00 
Repair* Miele ELP250, ELP252, ELP260, ELP262, ELP265,ELP266  96,00 
Overhaul* Miele ELP250, ELP252, ELP260, ELP262, ELP265,ELP266 complete overhaul, unique 1 year guarantee on all PCB-defects (externally caused damage excluded), replacement  6 x 10A IGBT's by 6 x 14A IGBT's  136,00 
Overhaul* Miele ELP160, ELP162, ELP163, ELP165 complete overhaul, unique 1 year guarantee on all PCB-defects (externally caused damage excluded)  92,00 
Repair* Miele EFU001 / EFU003  120,00 
Overhaul* Miele ELP150, ELP152 (-A), ELP153(-A) complete overhaul, unique 1 year guarantee on all PCB-defects (lightning damage excluded)  89,00 
Overhaul* EL140-A, EL150 (-A, -B, -C, -D) complete overhaul, unique 1 year guarantee on all PCB-defects (lightning damage excluded)  79,00 
Repair* EL200 (-A, -B, -C, -D)  55,00 
Repair Electrolux Condensation dryer elektronic (o.a. EDC67550)  49,00 
Repair AEG Condensation dryer elektronic (o.a. T55840)  49,00 
Repair Zanussi Condensation dryer elektronic (o.a. ZTE285)  49,00 
Repair Bauknecht washing machine/dryer elektronic (suddenly completely dead)  59,00 
Repair Whirlpool washing machine/dryer elektronic (suddenly completely dead)  59,00 
Investigation costs all Miele electronics (if repair not possible or if not defective)  26,89 

Transformer Hahn BV EI 422 0201 (fits EL200 -A, -B, -C, -D)



Transformer BV EI 48 0168 (fits  EL110, EL101), Used

Replacement for Hahn BV EI 48 0161, BV EI 48 0168

Transformer BV EI 481 0196Y (fits  EL140, EL150)

Replacement for Hahn BV EI 481 0196 and Hahn BV EI 482 0197

Shock absorbers SUSPA 120N 8MM (replacement for Miele 2102798 and 4500826)  26,00 
Tacho coil 8-pole original Miele (used)  26,00 
Tacho coil 16-pole original Miele (neu) (mounted in holder)  49,50 
Other Miele components, please send e-mail  

NA Not available anymore. The transformer BV UI 30 119 is out of stock and will not be reordered.

* If necessary, replacement by revised unit, same price (only if your PCB isn't damaged beyond repair)

**Priority shipment with traceability service, see below.

International return shipping costs (valid from January 1st, 2021)

Shipping include priority service and traceability



VAT incl.
Australia       26,00-
Austria       16,00 V
Belgium       13,00 V
Bosnia-Herzegovina       21,00 -
Bulgarije       25,50 V
Canada       26,00 -
Croatia       25,50 V
Czech Republic       12,00 V
Denmark       14,00 V
Estland       18,50 V
Finland       25,50V
France       16,00 V
Germany       13,00 V
Greece       25,50 V
Hungary       13,00 V
Iceland       21,00 -
Ireland       18,00 V
Israel       26,00 -
Italy       19,00 V
Jersey, Channel Islands       21,00 -
Latvia       16,00 V
Lituania       12,00 V
Luxemburg       14,00 V
Malta       24,50 V
Monaco       13,00 -
Netherlands         7,25 V
Norway       21,00 -
Poland       11,00 V
Portugal       25,50 V
Romania       25,50 V
Serbia       21,00 -
Slovenia       18,00 V
Slowakije       17,45 V
Spain       19,00 V
Sweden       17,00 V
Switzerland       21,00 -
United Kingdom N.A. -
United States       26,00 -

Andere landen op aanvraag. Other countries please ask.

Sonstige Bestimmungen, bitte fragen Sie uns. Autres pays, demandez nous.

V: Prijs incl. BTW, Price includes VAT, Preise einschl. MwSt., Prix TVA incl.

- : Geen BTW, VAT n.a. (not EU), kein MwSt (nicht EU), sans TVA (non UE)